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Teeth Whitening Fort Wayne IN

Before and after photo of teeth whitening treatment from Summit Dental Group in Fort Wayne, INTeeth whitening treatments are very popular in today's society. In fact, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry notes that having whiter teeth is one of the top aesthetic concerns for most people. There are many parts of your diet that could contribute to tooth discoloration. Because of this, discoloration can be pretty hard to avoid. Luckily, you have several options to whiten your teeth. Some products are designed for home use and our dentists at Summit Dental Group can assist you with more professional whitening treatment.

The Importance of Whitening

This cosmetic treatment is so important to a lot of people because tooth discoloration happens to so many. Diets that include red wine, coffee, tea, dark sodas, red sauces, and dark fruits can cause your teeth to become discolored over the years. In addition, tooth discoloration can also come from smoking. Whitening treatments help restore your teeth to a more natural look. People seek out bright white smiles to improve their self-confidence.

Types of Whitening Treatment

There are several different types of whitening treatments you can get; whitening toothpastes and rinses, chewing gum, whitening strips, tray-based teeth whiteners, and professional whitening treatment at a dental office. Toothpastes work through their mildly abrasive texture, which polishes the teeth. Rinses generally contain hydrogen peroxide, which acts as a bleaching agent. Chewing gums stimulate moisture in the mouth and coat the teeth to prevent staining. Whitening strips contain a peroxide gel that whitens the teeth.

Tray-based whiteners are a little more involved, but are typically sold over the counter. Our office can also give you a customized kit. These trays are filled with a gel solution containing peroxide to bleach the teeth. You would use this daily and the average session lasts between thirty and sixty minutes. Every product is different so you will need to follow the specific instructions on the package or given to you by one of our dentists.

Professional whitening treatment at our office uses gel and an ultraviolet light. This gel contains a higher concentration of a bleaching agent than you would find in over the counter products. The ultraviolet light is used to activate this agent.


Whitening procedures at our office are very simple. You can generally see results within a single session and these sessions only take about an hour. Your dentist will first coat your gums and lips with a protective coating to shield them from the ultraviolet light. They will then apply the whitening gel to your teeth. Once the gel has coated your teeth, your dentist will shine the ultraviolet lamp on them in order to activate the gel. This causes the gel to bleach the teeth and you will see results very quickly.

Once your teeth have been whitened, you will need to take steps to prevent any further discoloration. Your dentist can explain this in more detail. Two of the biggest habits that affect tooth color relate to diet and smoking. Make sure you brush and floss daily as well as immediately after consuming pigmented food or drinks. It is also a good idea, for both your dental and overall health, to quit smoking or chewing. To schedule a whitening treatment or get more information about zoom whitening treatment options, contact Summit Dental Group today.

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Some whitening products are designed for home use and our dentists at Summit Dental Group can assist you with a more professional whitening treatment.
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