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Mouth Guard/Night Guard Fort Wayne IN

Opaque white mouthguard on a white background like those from Summit Dental Group in Fort Wayne, INMouthguards worn at night, otherwise called night guards, are very common. They are beneficial in treating a variety of conditions which impact your sleep quality and overall health as well. These can also help to protect your teeth from grinding at night, meaning that you are less likely to have dental issues later on. Night guards can actually be quite comfortable and easy to wear as well. At Summit Dental Group, we can explain your options and get you back to a normal sleep.

The Importance of Night Guards

There are several conditions impacting a person's ability to get good quality sleep. Most commonly, people wear a night guard to prevent teeth grinding. Otherwise called Bruxism, this condition causes people to clench their jaw in their sleep and grind their teeth. This leads to symptoms such as tooth and jaw pain, headaches, and fatigue. Night guards help to create a barrier between your teeth that cushions them and prevents grinding.

Types of Mouthguards

The specific type of night guard you receive will depend on the issue you are experiencing. Your dentist will consult with you to determine whether a night guard for grinding, snoring, or sleep apnea is the best choice. Once a determination is made, you can then begin the process of getting a custom-molded night guard. These are form fitted to your mouth and provide the most protection and comfort for these issues.

Custom Fitting

To determine what type of night guard you need, you would meet with one of our dental professionals. We can explain the molding process and recommend a night guard based on your specific concerns. After this initial consultation, your dentist will make a mold of your mouth using a U-shaped tray. This tray is filled with a thick liquid that hardens over your teeth as it sets. It hardens enough to hold its shape, but not so much that it cannot be easily removed from your mouth. Different materials take different amounts of time to set and we can explain this during your consultation.

The mold, otherwise known as an impression, is sent to a lab for processing. The impression is filled with another liquid that hardens and replicates your mouth structure. Your night guard can then be custom-fitted to the dental impression. In general, from start to finish, this process takes a couple weeks. If you have questions or are interested in getting a night guard, contact Summit Dental Group now.
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Mouth Guard and Night Guard | Dentist Fort Wayne IN
Mouth guards and night guards are beneficial in treating a variety of conditions which impact your sleep quality and overall health as well. Call to get yours!
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