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Dental Implants North Fort Wayne IN

Diagram of dental implant in lower jaw from Summit Dental Group in Fort Wayne, INGone are the days when you had to sulk in despair and stop yourself from smiling due to a lost tooth. Today, not only can you replace it after extraction, but you can also repair your confidence and regain the structure of your face permanently.

Thanks to the emergence of dental implants, facilities like Summit Dental Group here at our North office in Fort Wayne, IN, have benefited a number of patients. While technology is indeed the driving force behind most dental procedures, it is the expertise of our professionals that guarantees long-lasting results.

What is a Dental Implant?

Usually made using titanium, a dental implant mimics the root of your tooth. It’s a small post that supports a connector or an abutment on top of it. This way, the implant easily connects to the crown, which is a natural-looking replacement tooth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

One of the biggest benefits of dental implants is that your mouth goes back to its natural state, and the replacement functions almost like your original teeth. Unlike dentures, they do not feel artificial.

Secondly, your adjacent teeth will not suffer due to the partial attachments and clasps. With partial dentures, there’s always a chance of pressure on your adjacent teeth. However, with implants, you can eliminate partial dentures completely.

Furthermore, your quality of life improves significantly when your mouth and teeth function properly again, and you are once again able to eat all of the foods you enjoy.

Typical dental implant recovery time is up to two days. With other techniques such as dentures, you may experience constant discomfort while chewing because an upper denture fully covers the roof of your mouth.

Traditional Implants vs. All-on-4® Treatment Concept

As opposed to a traditional dental implant, the All-on-4 is a technique where your dental surgeon replaces your upper or lower set of teeth with only four implants. These implants form the base on which your new set of fixed teeth is placed. The All-on-4 does not require the same bone density to secure or fix the implant.

It’s a much better choice for people with oral bone health issues because it saves them from undergoing bone grafting. Previously, the procedure was always mandatory to build up the jaw for supporting up to eight implants.

Call Now For a Consultation

If you’re still on the fence about what treatment option to choose, there’s no better time than now to consult our professionals at Summit Dental Group. Not only will they guide you on what suits your needs and budget best, but they will also create a plan based on those factors to further assist you. Call us at our North office in Fort Wayne, IN now at (260) 619-7044 and schedule a consultation right away because your smile deserves another chance.

Additionally, our team at Summit Dental Group specializes in a range of cosmetic dentistry services, including Invisalign, root canals, and teeth whitening. Whether you're seeking to straighten your teeth discreetly, restore a damaged tooth, or enhance your smile's appearance, we have the expertise to help you achieve your desired results.

Call today to learn more about how we can address your dental needs and give you the confident smile you deserve.
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Dental Implants Fort Wayne, IN | Summit Dental Group
Thanks to the emergence of dental implants, facilities like Summit Dental Group at our Dupont office in Fort Wayne, IN, have benefited a number of patients.
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