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First Aid for Tooth Injury

Posted on 7/4/2022 by Summit Dental Group
First Aid for Tooth InjuryIf you have ever had a chipped tooth, it is important to go to the dentist as soon as possible. When taken to the dentist, the chipped-off portion of the tooth must be handled with care. Do not touch anything besides the crown portion and leave the gum tissues affixed to the dentil alone. Put it in milk and, if you can, in a tiny container. Make sure it does not have any contact with water. To have the same piece inserted back into the gum, visiting the dental office should happen quickly. Patients are advised against pressing fractured teeth back into the jaw (reinserting) since this could damage the socket even more.

Children's dental injuries

Even toddlers get oral trauma in addition to adults and kids. Cuts and scratches inside the mouth, including on the lips and tongue, are the most commonly reported types of injuries in oral trauma cases involving infants. Burns inside the mouth from the frequent chewing result in wounds. When learning to walk, babies sometimes end up falling on their faces. A mouth injury from such a fall might result in wounds and even bleeding on the lips. Parents in this circumstance need to confirm that the child's teeth have not been harmed. It is wise to identify the blood source in cases of bleeding. To clean the blood and saliva, use a fresh cotton cloth, ideally a towel.

Displaced tooth

Do not attempt to move a tooth back into position if it has been knocked out of alignment or pushed deeper into the jaw. As soon as you can, visit a dentist. It will be more challenging to realign the tooth to its proper place the longer it is out of alignment. The dentist could "splint" it to healthy teeth to straighten it. The tooth may need to be pulled or realigned with orthodontics, depending on the severity of the injury.

When facing similar injuries, don't hesitate to visit our offices for immediate interventions. Contact our friendly dentist today for quality first aid procedures.
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