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How Sugar Affects Your Teeth

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Summit Dental Group
How Sugar Affects Your TeethSince you were young you have heard that sugar is harmful to your teeth. You might have been denied candy or forced to brush after a sugary snack. How exactly is sugar bad for your teeth? Let us look at how sugar affects our teeth.

Effects of Sugar On Your Teeth

Alteration of acidity in the mouth. The bacteria in your mouth feed on the sugars and lead to the formation of plaque. This substance if not removed from teeth eventually becomes acidic.

Brings bad bacteria. Sugar attracts bacteria that is known to cause periodontal disease. If not treated early, it leads to receding gums which exposes the roots of your teeth. This might lead to loose teeth.

How to Avoid Effects of Sugar On Your Teeth

Ensure your teeth stay clean. Brush in the morning and evening at least and change your toothbrush regularly to make sure that it is effective. Use a mouth rinse during the day if you cannot brush.

Take sugary foods when having your meals. This will help wash away the sugars with the saliva produced when taking the meal.

Maintain a healthy diet. This will help to control your sugar intake by avoiding foods with added sugars. Sugar is required for you to be healthy but it is good if you take it from natural foods.

Choose healthy snacks with low sugars over processed ones. If you have a sweet tooth, consider taking fresh fruits and plain yoghurt. Replace soft drinks with water to neutralize acids in the mouth and to help in saliva production.

Visit the dentist regularly for cleaning to remove plaque that you might not be able to reach. You will also be examined for signs of tooth decay and other oral health problems. For dental checkups, call us to schedule an appointment.
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