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What Are the Advantages of Using Composites?

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Summit Dental Group
What Are the Advantages of Using Composites?An essential part of maintaining good dental health involves replacing missing teeth with artificial ones made of porcelain or natural ones made of tooth-colored composites. This procedure can seem daunting, but it is easier than you think, and there are many benefits to using composite fillings as opposed to traditional porcelain ones. This article will discuss why dentists prefer composite fillings in their patients and how you can benefit from this modern alternative to the more traditional, white-colored ones. Some advantages of composites are:

They Last Longer

Composite fillings, also known as white fillings, have long been popular among dentists because they are more attractive and longer lasting than amalgam fillings. Amalgam is a blend of mercury, silver, tin, and copper that often fades after only two years and sometimes much sooner than that. Composite veneers can last from 10 to 15 years on average. Fillings may be small, but they play an essential role in preserving your smile. Without them, you will be at risk for gum disease and further tooth decay.

They Match with Your Teeth

In the past, porcelain and metal were used to restore your teeth, which meant that your teeth were subject to stains and discolorations. Today, we use composite resins instead, which match a variety of natural shades much better. These days, it does not matter whether you have a dark or light tooth, as we can match your teeth with our composite materials.

Composites Are Healthier

Traditional dental fillings made from mercury or other chemicals can cause lasting damage to our bodies. But since composite fillings are entirely synthetic, they pose no long-term health risks. Composites not only benefit your smile. They also benefit your dentist by saving time and money on procedures. Since composites do not decay or erode, they reduce the future need for replacement and save your dentist countless hours spent on repairs. If you feel composites are the best for your teeth, do not hesitate to call our dentist to book an appointment.
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