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How to prevent teeth grinding

Posted on 2/21/2022 by Summit Dental Group
How to prevent teeth grindingTeeth grinding or bruxism occurs while you are sleeping. When you grind the teeth there are things that you can do to avoid teeth grinding. Our dental team will guide you on things that you can do to ensure that you have a peaceful sleep without hurting your teeth.

Mouth guards and Splints

Mouth guards help in the prevention of bruxism and they cushion the teeth and stop them from grinding when you are asleep. Some people have chronic bruxism and the dental team will make mouth guards for them. There are some other types of mouthguards like OTC mouth guards which are made of plastic. The mouthguards used when grinding the teeth are commonly worn at night. They will keep the teeth safe from clenching and the dentist will make you custom night guards for your condition.

Stress reduction method

Having stress, depression or anxiety can make you grind your teeth at night. If you do things that will make you stress less, then you are likely not to grind your teeth at night. Ensure that you keep the teeth healthy by not grinding them. You can also engage in exercises like yoga which help in managing stress and depression. After such exercises you are likely to have a good night's sleep.

Exercises for the Jaw and Tongue

The tongue and jaw muscles need to be relaxed so that there is the proper alignment of the jaw. By opening the mouth wide and touching the tongue with front teeth will help in relaxing the jaw. You can also say the letter N out loudly to relax the jaw and help you avoid clenching. Our dental team will help you with ways that will prevent the grinding and clenching of the teeth.
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