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What Are Dental X-Rays?

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Summit Dental Group
What Are Dental X-Rays?Dental X-rays are pictures of your tooth that our dentist uses to assess your oral health. These X-rays, which employ low amounts of radiation, are used to obtain pictures of the interior of your tooth. This can assist our dentist in identifying issues such as cavities, dental decay, and impacted tooth. Dental X-rays may appear complicated, but they are extremely common instruments just as necessary as regular tooth evaluations. Your teeth are one of the most important organs you use daily. It is the number one thing that all individuals cannot live without, other than chewing food. Because your teeth are so important, you must ensure that you and your relatives have your exams performed on schedule and at the correct time.

Why dental X-rays are performed?

Dental X-rays are usually taken once a year. They may occur more frequently if our dentist is monitoring the development of a dental issue or therapy. If you are a new patient, you will most likely be subjected to dental X-rays so that our new dentist can obtain a complete picture of your oral health. This is particularly necessary if you do not have any past dentist's X-rays.

Kids may require more frequent dental X-rays than adults since their dentists may need to evaluate the growth of their permanent teeth. This is significant because it can assist the dentist in determining if baby teeth should be removed to avoid problems like permanent teeth developing behind milk teeth. The following factors may influence how frequently you have dental X-rays: your age, your present oral health, any periodontitis signs, and background of gingivitis or dental bleeding. If you are experiencing persistent tooth diseases and for information, we strongly recommend that you come in to see us—call us now to get started.

How to you prepare for dental X-rays?

Additional preparation is required for dental X-rays. The only thing you'll want to do before your visit is washing your teeth. This provides a more sanitary environment for people who operate within your mouth. X-rays are typically taken before cleanings. You will sit on the sofa with a lead vest spanning your chest and knees at the dentist's office. The X-ray scanner is placed next to your head to capture pictures of your buccal cavity. Some dental clinics keep X-rays in a separate area, while others keep them in a similar room as routine maintenance and other operations. Therefore, if you have gingivitis or any other dental disease, the safest thing you can do is seek medical help or call us immediately.
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