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What is TMJ Disorder? Ways You Can Prevent It

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Summit Dental Group
What is TMJ Disorder? Ways You Can Prevent ItA TMJ is a temporomandibular joint connecting your lower jaw and your skull. It acts as a hinge that allows you to move your jaw side to side, up and down when you talk, walk, yawn and chew. TMJ issues are evident when you begin noticing you have an audible clicking and pain follows afterward when you try to open or close your mouth.

Symptoms Of A TMJ Disorder

Other than having an audible clicking there are other signs that may indicate you have a TMJ issue. When you feel pain in your jaw area or pain around your ear, you are likely having a TMJ problem. It becomes difficult for you to chew when you have a TMJ problem. You also start to lock your jaw and feel aching pain on your face. Lastly, you may start feeling pain in your shoulders, neck, headaches, and also toothaches.

The causes of TMJ problems are unclear, however, they are likely to increase when your jaw comes out of its normal alignment. Misalignment of your teeth causes TMJ problems when you bite or chew your food. When your jaw structure's bones start to degenerate, you are highly likely going to suffer from a TMJ problem.

Preventing TMJ Disorders

The main way you can avoid having TMJ problems is by reducing the amount of work put on your TMJ. You should not take large bites of hard and chewy food that put a lot of pressure on your TMJ. Also, ensure you do not grind and clench your teeth excessively. You should change your normal routine and minimize the level of stress you have. Activities such as meditation and yoga may relax your mind and general body well-being.

Your teeth alignment should be normal to minimize cases of TMJ problems arising. Immediately you begin to feel pain in your jaw, neck and shoulders seek early intervention. Contact our offices today to learn more about TMJ issues and how to prevent them.

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