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What are Dental History and Examination?

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Summit Dental Group
What are Dental History and Examination?The dental record provides a review of previous dental events as well as present dental issues. A patient's dental history review frequently gives information regarding previous dental issues associated with dental therapy and the patient's reactions to treatments. The timeliness of dental treatment and the patient's impressions of primary care may indicate future behavior. If a patient has trouble tolerating particular treatments or has had issues with past dental care, changing the therapy or setting may help prevent possible concerns.

Understanding prior experiences is critical to give the best treatment in the future. Furthermore, this conversation may lead to discovering particular issues such as regions of food obstruction, difficulty to floss, discomfort locations, and damaged crowns or dentin. Furthermore, the date, type, and diagnostic quality of the existing radiograph should be documented to determine the need for further radiographs and reduce the patient's radiation dose. If you have questions about dental history and examinations, seek medical help, or visit our offices for more guidance.

Why are medical histories essential in dentistry?

The medical history allows the dentist to gather the information needed to offer safe and personalized care. A medical history assists in identifying problems that are relevant to your oral health or that may influence how the medication is delivered.

If a health issue arises at the dentists, specific medical problems such as insulin, autism, allergies, or heart conditions might be critical.

Patients frequently do not realize that a simple cleaning might have significant medical consequences if they have not notified their dentist of particular medical problems. Patients with heart problems and stents, hip replacement, or other diseases requiring surveillance may have an antibiotic before root canal therapy to be safe.

Even a thyroid problem can impair the body's capacity to repair wounds, which is linked to separations or oral surgery that you may require now or in the future.

Medication allergies, unregulated, shallow blood pressure, and other disorders may have significant implications if the dentist is unaware of them; for essential information, link more historical dentistry information with us.
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