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Straws Can Help You Keep Your Teeth from Staining

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Summit Dental Group
Straws Can Help You Keep Your Teeth from StainingIt is common knowledge that what you drink affects your teeth and gums since it doesn't go directly to the throat without coming into contact with your teeth first. It is also common knowledge that some drinks such as coffee and sodas have a staining effect on the teeth.

Many people have successfully incorporated proper dental care habits into their daily routine. However, they are still prone to stain or discolored teeth despite their hygienic habits. It would be absurd to ask millions worldwide to quit their favorite beverage because of their staining effect on the teeth. Therefore, drinking coffee with a straw has emerged as a trend because of this staining problem. Many people have opted to use straws with their drinks to avoid contact with the rest of their mouths. However, do straws do the trick?

Does Using a Straw Help You to Prevent a Stain?

Many dental professionals argue that the drink has already made contact with your teeth if you can taste it. While this is true, using a straw will reduce the amount of contact the drink makes with your teeth. Therefore, over time, there is a big difference between straw users and conventional drinkers.

On the other hand, studies have shown that straws tend to increase the amount of liquid we consume. When drinking water with a straw, you will tend to drink a more significant amount of it than drinking out of the bottle. Drinking water with a straw stimulates the flow of saliva, which also helps to rinse the mouth, reducing exposure to staining beverages.

What to Do About Stained Teeth

Stained teeth are hard to deal with. They have been a cause of low confidence for a while now. The right way to get rid of a stain would be to let the professionals do it. Our offices are best placed to deal with your stains and help you prevent further staining. Visit our offices to get your smile back.
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