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Do Raw Diets Make Keeping Teeth Clean Easier?

Posted on 7/12/2021 by Summit Dental Group
Do Raw Diets Make Keeping Teeth Clean Easier? Raw food diets can benefit your teeth and put them at risk for bacterial growth and cavities. It is important to eat a rainbow of raw produce. Your body will benefit. However, be mindful of the amount of natural sugar that you consume on a raw diet.

Raw Vegetables Help Prevent Tooth Decay

Eating raw vegetables is a benefit to your mouth and body. Sweet tasting carrots and crunchy sweet peppers are great in any vegetable tray. Juice cleanses are also helpful under certain conditions. Raw vegetables contain numerous vitamins and minerals. These nutrients help build the enamel on your teeth, ultimately protecting and strengthening your teeth.

In addition, raw vegetables contain fiber. Fiber helps to keep your teeth and gums clean. Raw vegetables also keep your body hydrated as eating them promotes good saliva production. Saliva helps prevent cavities, as it naturally cleans the teeth by washing away food debris.

Raw Diets Can Also Be Detrimental to Your Teeth

However, raw food diets can also harm your teeth. The potential for tooth decay is present because of the high amount of fruit and seeds in raw food diets. The sugar in fresh fruit and especially dried fruit can lead to tooth decay, especially if you are consuming several fruit smoothies per day. Seeds may get lodged in your teeth and invite bacterial overgrowth if they are not removed. Choose fruit in moderation if you are on a raw diet.

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