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Are Your Teeth Shifting?

Posted on 6/15/2024 by Summit Dental Group
A Close up of woman smilingHave you recently observed any changes in the appearance of your smile? It is possible that your teeth are slightly crooked or that they feel different when you bite down. At first glance, these seemingly insignificant adjustments might not seem like a huge deal; however, they could indicate a more severe problem: shifting teeth.

The Factors That Cause Teeth to Shift

Numerous factors, such as age, heredity, oral habits, and dental problems, can all contribute to tooth shifting. Natural aging is a typical factor that contributes to the condition. In particular, if you have lost teeth or had dental work done, your teeth tend to move slightly as you age. This development may shift the bite and the way the teeth are aligned.

Preventing Teeth from Shifting Positions

In addition, periodontal disease is a primary reason for teeth shifting. This condition can lead to the gums receding and the teeth becoming loose. The neighboring teeth may begin to move to fill the gaps, resulting in the teeth being misaligned.

Treating the Problem of Teeth Shifting

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is another factor that can lead to teeth shifting. Enamel can be gradually worn down, and the teeth can be pushed out of alignment if pressure and movement continue.

Take Action

Luckily, some actions can be taken to avoid or address teeth shifting. Dental checkups should be performed regularly to detect and address any potential problems at an earlier stage. Your dentist can track any changes in your teeth and, if necessary, recommend corrective measures.

If you notice that your teeth are shifting, take immediate action. Contact your dentist to schedule an appointment so that you can share your concerns and explore the various treatment choices. Proper early intervention can help prevent future shifting and ensure your smile remains healthy and beautiful for many years.

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