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Should I Make My Own Toothpaste?

Posted on 5/15/2024 by Summit Dental Group
A selection of toothpasteA lot of people are moving toward a more natural and organic lifestyle. They are looking for ways to simplify the food, drink, and grooming products they use. This is especially true for people who are concerned about chemicals and their effect on the environment, as well as their bodies. With all of the information out there concerning the oversaturation of chemicals, should you make your dental hygiene more natural and make your own toothpaste? Here is why that may not be such a good idea.

What Is the Purpose of Toothpaste?

There are a few reasons why brushing your teeth with toothpaste is a good idea. The primary reason you may want to use toothpaste is to give your teeth a twice-daily dose of fluoride, especially if you are on a well system rather than a municipal water system. Fluoride has been added to municipal water systems for nearly 100 years because it helps to keep teeth strong and repel the bacteria that cause cavities. Depending on the type of toothpaste, it also can help freshen your breath, keep your teeth white, and prevent gum disease.

Can I Make My Own Toothpaste?

If you already get fluoride from a municipal water system and want to make your own toothpaste, you should know that natural toothpaste is available on the market. Many of these natural toothpastes are completely chemical-free and even come in recyclable packaging. If you want to make your own toothpaste, you can just use a mixture of baking soda and salt, which is most likely what your ancestors did before toothpaste was manufactured.

Several natural toothpaste recipes are available on the internet. While many of them use a combination of baking soda and salt, there are alternatives. Some people suggest using natural clays, such as bentonite clay, to help keep teeth clean. You may also want to include or use activated charcoal in your natural toothpaste. Many people also add an essential oil for flavor, such as peppermint oil or cinnamon.

Not sure what to do about your toothpaste? We can help. Reach out to our office today for more information.
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