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Should I Look For an Orthodontist For My Child?

Posted on 5/1/2024 by Summit Dental Group
Kids dental examAs a parent, you may be looking at your child and comparing them to other children. Is my child growing at the same rate as other children their age? Are they as fast as their friends when they run on the playground? Can you hear them when they speak to adults? If you are comparing their teeth to the teeth of other children their age, you may be worried if their teeth do not look straight or even. Should you start looking for an orthodontist?

What Are Orthodontists?

All dentists have an area of dentistry that is their favorite. For example, many dentists love working with children, so they specialize in pediatric dentistry. Orthodontists specialize in bite problems, tooth spacing, and alignment. To specialize in orthodontics, dentists must go to dental school three years longer than a general dentist and attend classes, labs, and clinical rotations in orthodontics. They also have to pass a certification test.

Why Your Child Might Need an Orthodontist

If the teeth of your child look crooked rather than straight, they may need to visit an orthodontist. The teeth may be growing too far apart, or they are completely overcrowded, one on top of the other extremely close together. If our dentist has told you that your child has a malocclusion or a bite problem, you also may need to find an orthodontist.

When Should My Child Make a Visit to the Orthodontist for the First Time?

Usually, children do not begin to make a visit to the orthodontist, even if they have severe issues, until their first series of permanent molars has begun to erupt, which is around the age of 7. Many orthodontists will not begin treatment with braces or aligners that young, but there may be other treatments that can be done to shorten the amount of time your child may need braces. For example, your child may need an appliance to help expand their upper jaw so that it fits well over their lower jaw.

If you think you need to find an orthodontist, why not give our office a call? Our dentist would love to give you a recommendation!
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