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Is There More Than One Type of Root Canal?

Posted on 4/15/2024 by Weo Admin
A model of teeth cleaning with titanium metal tooth pick instrumentWhile most people do not like the words root canal, the reality is that root canals can take away the tooth pain you have been experiencing and also save your tooth. There are several varieties of root canals, and it is helpful to understand ahead of time which root canal procedure our dentist might be doing.

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canals are a way to remove an infection from one of your teeth. Once a cavity gets into your tooth enamel, it will continue to work its way into the center of your tooth, called the pulp. While the outer surface of your tooth is hard and protective, your tooth center is soft. The infection will eventually cause your tooth to die if it is not treated.

To treat a root canal, our dentist will make an incision, usually on the top of your tooth, to access the middle of your tooth and treat the infection. Once the infection is removed, dentists can fill the tooth with composite so that cavities can no longer infect it. Usually, the dentists then place a crown or cap on top of the tooth to protect it.

Different Types of Root Canals

The most common type of root canal is called the non-surgical root canal. The non-surgical root canal is the root canal with an incision on the top of your tooth. Usually, the dentist uses this type of root canal when the infection in the tooth has not spread to the surrounding jawbone. When the infection in your tooth has moved into your jawbone, our dentists may need to perform a surgical root canal. If you need a surgical root canal, dentists can make an incision in your gumline so they can access the infection and treat it more effectively.

If you are having a lot of tooth pain, you need to give our office a call. One of the best parts about having a root canal done is that the pain in your tooth will be eliminated once you heal from the root canal procedure. Why not give us a call today so our dentist can take a look at that painful tooth?

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