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Dental Considerations in Eating Disorders Treatment

Posted on 10/31/2023 by Weo Admin
Candy in a serve your self buffetSummit Dental Group in Fort Wayne, INEating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating profoundly impact one's oral health. Awareness of these issues helps dental professionals provide sensitive, informed care to support full recovery.

Higher Decay Risk

Those suffering from eating disorders often consume excessive sugary foods and acidic drinks that demineralize enamel and cause cavities. Purging also exposes teeth to stomach acids. Poor nutrition impairs saliva flow needed to neutralize acids and remineralize enamel. Meticulous hygiene and topical fluoride strengthen teeth against acid attacks.

Gum Disease and Damage

Nutritional deficiencies, altered immunity, and oral pH enable rapid progression of gum disease. Frequent vomiting erodes enamel at the gum line. Gingival irritation requires gentle hygiene and regular professional treatment to resolve infection and inflammation.

Delayed Healing

Malnutrition and metabolic changes hinder the healing of any oral wounds. Supporting overall health with proper nutrition, hydration, rest, and medical care helps the mouth regain normal healing capability after invasive procedures.

Communication and Compassion

Patients with eating disorders often feel shame and guilt. Dentists should express concern for overall well-being in a sensitive, non-judgmental manner. Voicing worry helps patients feel cared for as a whole person. Compassion motivates recovery.

Interdisciplinary Care

With patient consent, dental teams can help coordinate medical treatment and nutritional support for protecting oral and systemic health. Open communication ensures providers work synergistically for the best physical and mental health outcomes.

Cautious Radiography

Dental X-rays avoid unnecessary radiation but remain necessary for proper diagnosis and treatment monitoring. Thyroid shielding and collimation minimize exposure. Digital imaging reduces dosage. Most importantly, dentists thoughtfully balance dental needs with each individual's health status and concerns.

Promoting oral health plays an integral role in the interdisciplinary treatment of eating disorders. With compassion and care coordination, dental providers can help patients restore systemic and oral well-being.

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