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Common Types Of Dental Floss

Posted on 9/11/2023 by Summit Dental Group
Common Types Of Dental FlossDental floss removes food particles that get stuck in between teeth. Dental floss comes in various varieties to accommodate tastes and oral hygiene requirements.

To make sure you know the ideal dental floss for your teeth and gums, you need to contact the dentist. The dentist will show you how to use the dental floss that suits you. Below are some common types of dental floss:

Waxed And Unwaxed Floss

Two of the most popular forms of dental floss are waxed and unwaxed. It is simpler to slip waxed floss between teeth with narrow gaps or dental procedures, such as braces or bridges, because of the thin wax covering it.

Conversely, unwaxed floss is thinner than waxed floss and consists of nylon or Teflon.

Since it can readily slip into small spaces and remove plaque, it can be helpful for people with regular teeth.

Flavored And Unflavored Floss

Dental floss is available in various flavors, including berry, mint, and cinnamon. Some people may find that using flavor-infused floss makes flossing more enjoyable, which promotes regular use.

For those who choose a tasteless floss, that option is also accessible. Since both floss forms are equally effective at eliminating dirt and plaque, choosing between flavored and unflavored floss is a question of personal preference.

Tape Floss

Dental tape, also called tape floss, is flatter and wider than conventional dental floss. Although it has a larger profile, it has the same materials as ordinary floss.

People with bigger spaces between their teeth or who find it difficult or uncomfortable to use normal floss may benefit from dental tape. For people with sensitive gums, its flat form makes it easy on the gums and can be a great choice. Call our dentist today to ensure you get the correct information on dental floss.
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