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How To Choose The Right Floss For You

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Summit Dental Group
How To Choose The Right Floss For YouFlossing, just like brushing, also requires you to be choosy. We always select the right toothbrush and toothpaste for our teeth; hence we are required to choose the right floss. If you are unsure which dental floss to choose, enquire from our dentists; they will provide the best options for you.

Types of Floss

A thick floss is best for people with significant gaps in teeth. Suppose the gaps are enormous go for an extra thick dental fluffy such as dental tape or super dental floss. A thick floss ensures that the whole surface of your teeth is in contact with the floss when cleaning. A thin one may not help since it will tend to slide, therefore not giving you exemplary service.

Smaller floss is used when one has smaller gaps. If your teeth are close fitting, you will require minor floss dental because the thick ones cannot fit between your teeth.

Some floss is waxed while others are not. The waxed ones are more suitable for teeth packed tightly together. If you have bracelets, use the waxed floss. Unwaxed floss produces sound to clean teeth. Thus, one can know when their teeth are clean compared to the waxed ones.

Flavored Or Unflavored Floss.

Flavored dental floss may make you want to floss more often than the unflavored one, but neither is better. The choice is yours.

Multifilament floss is made of nylon; they are expected compared to single filament. Multifilament floss is cheaper as well though it might not be used in the case of tooth filling. A single filament is more robust and glides more efficiently than multifilament floss.

When choosing the right floss type, the preference is yours as it differs for different people. You can consult our dentist for more information.
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