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Ways of Decreasing the Chances of Implant Rejection

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Summit Dental Group
Ways of Decreasing the Chances of Implant RejectionWith new technology coming up every day, dentists are now equipped to replace fallen teeth with long-lasting options such as dental implants. This is a trusted procedure that has recorded 95% success stories. It involves fixing a titanium post that is screw-like into the hole where a tooth has been extracted. This acts as a root and forms around the jawbone and gums before the crown can be attached. The crown is the small artificial tooth that is fixed on top of the implant to complete the procedure.

What Causes Implant Rejection?

The first reason your implant could be failing is because it was done too soon after tooth extraction. A couple of things have to look right before the implant procedure is carried out. The jawbone should not be damaged and the hole left by the tooth removed should not be too big. If these conditions are not met, then performing an immediate implant is fatal. Another cause for rejection would be if the implant is placed lower than 3mm beyond the apex. It needs to be deep-seated in order to firmly attach to the surrounding tissue. Placing the implant far from the alveolar crest as well as exposing the membrane could also lead to rejection complications.

What Can I do To Decrease Implant Rejection?

To reduce the chances of implant rejection, you need to be keen about procedures that are conducted immediately after tooth extraction. It is always advisable to let fresh wounds heal before going in with the implants. You also need to refrain from hard biting as this weakens your new implants.

Having a caring doctor that is experienced in this kind of surgery is very important. They can assess your oral health and advise on how best to achieve desired results. Talk to us today or schedule an appointment to get the best care.
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