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Benefits Of Wearing A Mouthguard When Playing

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Summit Dental Group
Benefits Of Wearing A Mouthguard When PlayingA mouth guard is an essential gear for every player. When you or your child are participating in contact sporting activities such as soccer, basketball, and martial arts, having a mouth guard can protect you from teeth and gum injuries. The components have a personalized design to fit your needs. However, many players find it challenging to have them in their mouths. If you are among them, below are some of the benefits you are missing.

Dental Injuries Prevention

During sporting activities, the prevalence of dental injuries is very high. Collisions and contact will occur, and your mouth will be the first recipient of their impact. The result will be gum injuries and tooth loss. Wearing a mouth guard can help you prevent such happenings. The guard acts as a shock absorber and will control the force from the blows and trauma, preventing tooth loss and oral injuries.

Protects You From Concussions

Contact sports offer a perfect ground for brain injuries. The players are likely to suffer concussions that can injure their brains. A similar case can help you when playing your favorite game. However, you can save the situation by wearing a mouth guard. The guard will absorb shock from jaw-targeted blows. Its softness will prevent the impact from breaking your jaws and consequential injuries to your brain. Hence, this component is essential in concussion protection.

Limit Dental Work Damages

Are you undergoing any dental procedures? Maybe you went through teeth straightening therapy. The therapy cannot prevent you from taking part in your favorite sport. However, the impacts from the sport can damage the braces and cause oral injuries. Wearing a mouthguard is an excellent way to limit dental work damage. It will help you keep playing your best game without worries of potential damages or injuries from recent dental work. If you need a customized mouth guide, our dental care team is here to help you. Visit our offices or contact us today for assistance.
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