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Ways to Treat Sensitive Teeth

Posted on 4/10/2023 by Summit Dental Group
Ways to Treat Sensitive TeethCan you remember when the flavor of ice cream or a cup of coffee brought you pain? Do you occasionally experience pain when brushing or flossing your teeth? You can be suffering from tooth sensitivity if this is the case.

How Tooth Sensitivity Happens

The crowns of your teeth, which are located above the gum line, are protected by a coating of enamel in healthy teeth. Cementum is a protective coating surrounding the tooth root below the gum line. Dentin lies beneath the cementum and enamel.

Dentin comprises tiny tubules and is less thick than enamel or cementum. Dentin has tubules that let hot and cold or acidic and sticky foods reach the nerves and cells inside the tooth when the enamel or cementum is damaged. When gums recede, dentin might become visible as well. Sensitivity issues may arise.

Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

What causes the sensitivity will determine the course of treatment. The following treatments are some that your dentist may recommend:

Sensitivity-Reducing Toothpaste.

It may take numerous applications before the sensitivity decreases, as it contains components that block sensation from the tooth surface to the nerve. However, the sensitivity will eventually subside.

Fluoride Gel

This a procedure performed in a dentist's office that hardens tooth enamel and reduces pain feelings. Essentially, it will help to strengthen the enamel to prevent further sensitivity.

A dental Cap, Filling, or Veneer

These procedures can be utilized to repair sensitive teeth components that have degraded or broken over time. However, these are a bit more invasive than the above.

Surgical Grafting of the Gums

This procedure will prevent further damage to the root and minimize sensitivity if gum tissue has been destroyed. They will use grafted tissue to replace the gum tissue that has deteriorated.

Root Canal Treatment

Your dentist may consider this procedure if you have extreme and ongoing sensitivity that has not responded to other treatments. Sensitive tooth pain can be avoided with regular dental care. If you are unsure how to care for your teeth properly or have concerns about tooth sensitivity, consult us today.
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