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How Calcium and Vitamin D Benefit Your Smile

Posted on 8/22/2022 by Summit Dental Group
How Calcium and Vitamin D Benefit Your SmileWhen talking about vitamins and minerals for teeth, you will see vitamin D and calcium brought up a lot, and for good reason! These two are like a dynamic duo helping your teeth become stronger. Today we will be going over how calcium and vitamin D help your smile.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

One of the components your teeth are made out of is calcium, which is why it is one of the most important minerals for both your teeth and bones. Consuming plenty of calcium each day ensures that your teeth remain strong and healthy. Calcium cannot do it alone, however. Calcium is like a car with all the components except for the wheels. The important bit is there, but it won't actually do anything without something to get it rolling. This is where vitamin D comes into play. You need vitamin D for your body to absorb calcium, or else all the calcium you have taken in becomes meaningless.

Foods That Contain Vitamin D

If you are looking for foods that are rich in vitamin D; fish, egg yolks, margarine, and soy milk are all packed with vitamin D. It is also worth noting that the vast majority of milk sold in the US is fortified with vitamin D which means that milk is a source of both calcium and vitamin D.

Foods That Contain Calcium

There's an ample amount of calcium-rich foods to choose from. Cheese, Kale, Spinach, Milk, Yogurt, white beans, and almonds are all an excellent source of calcium. You can mix and match food combinations to create delicious snacks and meals that will provide your body with an ample amount of both vitamin D and calcium.

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