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What to Expect During Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Posted on 1/23/2023 by Summit Dental Group
What to Expect During Wisdom Teeth ExtractionWisdom teeth can cause various oral issues, such as cavities, gum diseases and overcrowding. That's why wisdom teeth extraction is a good way to improve your oral health. One sign that you need extraction is pain and swelling around the wisdom teeth, an aching sensation on your jawbone, and difficulty chewing. Knowing what to expect during wisdom teeth extraction is vital since it eliminates anxiety.

Pre-Surgery Appointment

Before the extraction, an oral surgeon will assess the health of your wisdom teeth. This involves dental X-rays, which help to determine the exact location of the wisdom teeth. The surgeon will also discuss the sedation options available. You can either choose local anesthesia, general anesthesia, or IV sedation, depending on your budget and oral needs. During this appointment, you will get a good opportunity to ask questions and tell the surgeon about your medical history and any supplements you may be using.

During the Surgery

Wisdom teeth extraction involves an outpatient surgery. This means that you'll go home the same day after the extraction. The surgeon will start by introducing anesthesia, depending on your specific situation. This helps to eliminate pain during the surgery. If the wisdom teeth have not fully erupted, the surgeon will make small incisions to have adequate access to the teeth. The surgeon will then lift the wisdom teeth from their socket and clean the area. If incisions have to be made, the surgeon will insert dissolvable stitches.


After the surgery, you may experience discomfort and swelling for the first few days. Complete healing may take a few weeks, depending on how well you follow the post-surgery guidelines. The surgeon may advise you to consume soft foods and drink plenty of water to improve your body's natural healing ability. Our professionals will guide you through the entire process of wisdom teeth extraction to ensure that you are comfortable.

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